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How We Make a Difference

There is more to workplace investigations than just the technical legalities or simply gathering facts and evidence.

With many years of leadership experience in large complex organizations, we understand the importance of conducting fair and thorough investigations in an efficient manner.

  • Experience in working with senior leaders, upper management and employees at all levels

  • Expertise in responding to state and federal agency complaints (BOLI, EEOC, OFCCP & WSHRC)

  • Management experience in understanding the business needs of the employer and operations

  • Understanding of diversity and inclusion

  • Commitment to treating people in a fair and equitable way

  • Neutrality and fairness toward different perspectives 

Did you know? 


The law protects victims of domestic violence, sexual harassment and assault, and stalking. Under ORS 659A.290, it is against the law for any employer to refuse to make a reasonable safety accommodation, or retaliate against a person who asks for a reasonable safety accommodation. 

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